A pearl of the Adriatic

Croatia is among the "not to miss" destinations. Beside the romantic coasts and cities such as Dubrovnik, the coastal landscape is mostly marked by numerous little islands, like the Elaphites. The Istrian peninsula has many beautiful cities with many Roman vestiges and Venitian palaces giving them a Latin character. Croatia, whose protected areas cover 10% of the territory, has fabulous natural sites such as Krka and Pltivice national parks. This country is a flagship destination for Travel Europe, which offers many diversified programs for all tastes (inter-country tours, cruises, etc.).


Travel Europe Pula / Travel Europe Dubrovnik

Travel Europe Pula
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HR-52100 Pula
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Travel Europe Dubrovnik
Andrije Hebranga 106A
HR-20000 Dubrovnik
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Beauty of the Balkans

Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania - 2022

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Winding between lakes, waterfalls and lush vegetation in Plitvice is a magical moment. It feels like a landscape invented by Tolkien.


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