Croatia : Must See

Croatia is among the "not to miss" destinations. Beside the romantic coasts and cities such as Dubrovnik, the coastal landscape is mostly marked by numerous little islands, like the Elaphites. The Istrian peninsula has many beautiful cities with many Roman vestiges and Venitian palaces giving them a Latin character. Croatia, whose protected areas cover 10% of the territory, has fabulous natural sites such as Krka and Pltivice national parks. This country is a flagship destination for Travel Europe, which offers many diversified programs for all tastes (inter-country tours, cruises, etc.).

Croatian islands

The Croatian archipelago is made up of around a thousand islands and islets,making it the largest archipelago in the Adriatic. Each has a particular charm. Do not miss the most famous: Hvar, Vis, Korčula, the Elaphite Islands, Mljet ...

Plitvice Lakes National Park

This place in the forested mountains of Mala Kapela is Croatia's most famous national park and listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. It consists of 16l akes with crystal clear water, crisscrossed by waterfalls and natural dams.
They create a unique beauty that has often been used as a film set


This unique city is located in the remains of Diocletian's Palace from the third century! Split, today a student and festival city, presents no less than 17 centuries of architecture.


Conveniently located on the Dalmatian coast, Šibenik is a hard-fought city that has been under various rulings over the centuries. The alleys and charming little squares give the city a pleasant atmosphere. It is particularly famous for its St. Jacob's Cathedral.


Rovinj, also known as the "pearl of Istria", is a special place. The center of the city lies on a peninsula that juts out into the Adriatic Sea. You can catch a 360 °view of the sea while strolling through the narrow streets with their beautiful old houses. A walk is especially romantic in the evening!


Pula is an absolute highlight for friends of antiquity, especially the Roman times. The most beautiful legacy is probably its famous amphitheater, which was completed around 80 AD. You can also discover numerous wonderful beaches around Pula


Hidden behind thick walls, the city of Zadar harbors many historical treasures that are shaped by the Roman, Venetian and Austrian civilization. Travel Europe recommends strolling through the pedestrian zone of the old town and being enchanted by the symphony of the sea organs on the beach promenade.


The capital of Croatia is best known for its museums and art galleries. The neo-Gothic cathedral and the upper town (Gornji Grad) are among the must-sees.Far away from the Croatian Riviera, Zagreb offers completely different insights into the soul of the country.


The so-called "Pearl of the Adriatic", surrounded by its imposing city wall, is one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia. With her feet in the water and her head in the sun, she attracts many visitors with her Mediterranean charm, her houses with pink tile roofs and her many palaces and churches with Venetian influences.

Croatia : our programmes

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