Germany : Must See

Germany is a unique and exciting destination, whose architectural landscape still bears traces of the country's history. From Berlin - a colorful, surprising and cosmopolitan megalopolis - to Hamburg - a large industrial port - over the Bavarian folklore and castles, Goethe's land has a lot to offer. Coasts of the North Sea, lakes, Black Forest,… the country also has real unmissable natural resources. With Travel Europe, let yourself be surprised by the eclecticism and beauty of Germany!

Le Danube

The Danube stretches from its German source at Donaueschingen for 687 kilometers to the Austrian border. You shouldn't miss out
on flourishing riverside cities such as Ulm, Regensburg, Straubing or Passau. Two other rivers flow into the Danube in Passau, hence
the nickname "Three River City"

The Rhine Valley

The wonderful Rhine Valley with its bright green vineyards and numerous castles offers plenty of space for relaxation. Sit back on
board a ship and enjoy the tale of Loreley and other tales about the banks of the Rhine.

The Bavarian Alps

The area around the Bavarian Alps is diverse and offers many highlights. Brown bears and the rare European lynx live in the
Bavarian Forest National Park. The panorama of Lake Constance, on the other hand, offers picturesque islands, a maritime feeling
and vineyards. Don't miss the "Romantic Road", which crosses the gentle hill country where the old monarchs built their residences,
such as the famous Neuschwanstein Castle


The capital of Bavaria is famous for its old town located around the Marienplatz, the bell tower of its town hall, its baroque churches
and its futuristic achievements. You will be surprised by the Notre-Dame cathedral, recognizable by its green bulb towers. Take the
opportunity to take a break in one of the city's many gardens andt aste the national drink, beer.


The "Florence of the Elbe" was one of the most beautiful cities in Germany before its bombing in 1945. The ocher colors of this city
and its many monuments attracts many visitors.


The capital of Germany offers a subtle mix of ultra-modern architecture and alternative locations that have made it the trendiest city in the country. Art, cinema, architecture, music,theater, dance, history. The city will amaze you again and again.


Crossed by many canals, the "Red Venice of the North" gets its nickname from the color of its bricks. It is the second largest city in
Germany and charms travelers with its museums, its renovated old port and its vibrant nightlife in the St-Pauli district.

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