Slovenia : Must See

Slovenia scores points with its diverse landscapes giving it its nickname of "Little Europe". Between alpine peaks, limestones caves, rolling hills and the sea in the southwest… The country has something to amaze its visitors! Postojna Cave and Bled Lake are two major sites of our programmes in Slovenia. As a tour operator, Travel Europe offers the most beautiful tours in Slovenia and tailors them individually to your needs.

Postojna Cave

It is the most visited karst cave in Europe with magnificent sculptures, underground lakes and ever-growing stalactites. It is one of the caves with the greatest biodiversity - let's see if you can spot one of the endemic cave salamanders (Proteus anguinus)!

Tolmin Gorge

These beautiful gorges impress with their emerald-colored water. Treat yourself to a stopover for a long walk at the entrance to the Triglav National Park.

Soca Valley

Drive through the valley to discover one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe and its overwhelmingly blue-green waters. Waterfalls, rapids and narrow gorges are part of the landscape. Sports activities are highly recommended!

Velika Planina

With around 140 huts, this shepherd's land can easily be recognized by its typical architecture. The roofs of the houses are covered with spruce shingles that almost reach the ground. It is possible to reach the village via hiking trails or by cable car.


The capital city is a real jewel of Slovenia. It lies on the border between the Slavic world and Mediterranean influences. Its colorful facades, its castle and the river that crosses the city make it a charming and pleasant stopover.


Lake Bled is one of the tourist magnets in Slovenia. It allows a great view of the majestic castle and is known for its island, on which there is a neo-Gothic church. A circular hiking trail leads around the lake. The small island can be reached by boat, or you can treat yourself to a swim in the crystal clear water of the lake.

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