Corsica : Must See

Corsica is a perfect concentrate of mainland France: its landscapes range from mountains - some of them reaching an altitude of 2,500 meters - to beautiful coastlines over rural and desert areas. The Island of Beauty is a land of contrasts and the fourth biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its capital is Ajaccio. The island, particularly famous for its Piana creeks, also offers numerous natural swimming pools and natural lanscapes that can be discovered during a hike. Since 2021, Travel Europe has been offering flight and busprogrammes in Corsica.

The creeks of Piana

The bays of Piana, which have been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1983, are a must-see in Corsica. By car, on foot or by boat, these
orange-colored rock formations that rise from the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean are of a unique beauty.

Scandola Reserve

The Scandola Reserve, a Unesco World Heritage Site, can only be visited by sea with small boats. You can admire a landscape of volcanic
blocks that resembles the landscapes of Iceland. The best time of day to discover the beauty of the site is at sunrise or sunset, when the
reserve's red rocks go up in flames.

The Lavezzi islands

These islands are among the most popular tourist destinations. Classified as a nature reserve in 1982, the Lavezzi Islands and
hundreds of small side islands form an extraordinary landscape. The tales says that Sardinia and Corsica were once connected right there.


The village of Porto is located in the beautiful gulf of the same name, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site. In the region around Porto you
will also find the Scandola nature reserve or the Spelunca gorges.


Calvi is a major tourist hub on the island and benefits from a sheltered gulf that is one of the most popular stopovers in Corsica. The main
tourist attraction remains the Genoese citadel that watches over the city.As the sun sets, head out to one of the harbor terraces to take in the
Corsican countryside.


Located on a headland in the extreme south of Corsica, the city of Bonifacio towers over the sea by about 60 meters. Head to the Jardin
des Vestiges to admire the view before putting on your sneakers to climb the stairs of the King of Aragon, cut into a summit in the cliff and offering a dizzying descent of 187 steps to the sea. A boat trip is also an option!


Bastia, the economic capital of Corsica, impresses with its Mediterranean flair but also with its history. Don't miss out on a visit to
Corsica: the citadel of Bastia. Formerly the seat of the Genoese, today Terra Nova, the citadel is the most important tourist attraction in the
region. In addition, it offers a wonderful view of the old port.


Ajaccio, capital of southern Corsica, enchants its visitors with its old town and its sights such as the Place des Palmiers or the fishing port,
where small cafes line up on the Quai Napoléon. During your stay, visit Bonaparte's house in Ajaccio to discover the Mecca of Napoleonic

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