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The Madeira archipelago, made up of the main island of Madeira and Porto Santo among others, is a complete destination like no other. Travel Europe has made a name for itself as a tour operator in the destination, with varied programs that suit all tastes. Skirting steep and winding mountain roads, the picturesque southern coast of the island is bordered by the white spiers of churches that overlook the banana groves. In the north, a breathtaking road leads to small isolated villages built between the sea and the mountains. The windswept tip of São Lourenço in the east offers a drier and more arid landscape.

Pico Ruivo

With 1,862 meters the Pico Ruivo is the highest point in Madeira and a popular target for hikers.


The "levadas" are small irrigation canals dug into the rocks in order to convey large quantities of water from the north-western
side of the island, which is more watered, to the south-eastern side, which is drier. During hikes along these levadas, you will
see breathtaking mountainous landscapes.

Lauriferous forest

Located in the Madeira Natural Park, this sub-tropical rainforest is the largest surviving laurel forest. It plays an important role in
the hydrological balance of the island.

The tropical garden of Funchal

The Monte Palace Garden is a tropical park of over 35,000 m². There are numerous mosaic tiles retracing the history of
Madeira Island (azulejos), as well as the tallest ceramic vase in the world. Imported from South Africa, it stands over 5 meters tall.

Câmara do Lobos

This adorable little fishing port located on the south coast of Madeira seduces visitors with its charming alleys and its small
port with colorful boats. In particular, they fish for "peixe-espada" (swordfish), one of the specialties of Madeira.

Porto Moniz

At the northwestern tip of Madeira is Porto Moniz, known for its natural volcanic natural pools. The pools, surrounded by bizarre
rock formations, are filled with crystal clear sea water at high tide. While the waves of the Atlantic crash onto the coast,bathers splash around in the natural pools


Palheiros are traditional triangular houses in white and red with pointed thatched roofs that almost touch the ground. These are among the main sights of Madeira and can be admired in Santana.


The capital of Madeira Island is located on the coast and is surrounded by mountains. It grows literally up into the hills, and
offers spectacular views from its terraced parks. The colorful Mercado dos Lavradores, the cathedral, the old town or the marina invite you to discover and linger.

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Wonders of Madeira

Madeira is full of wonderful adventures, ship cruises, mountain tops, wildlife and nature!