Czech Republic : Must See

Prague, Czech Republic's "Golden City", also called "the city of a hundred spires", is one of the must-sees of a trip in Central Europe. Its architectural splendor and the charm of ist various districts make it a very popular destination. In contrast to city trips, South Bohemia is charms its visitors with dense forests, spa towns and sweet market places. Our affiliate on spot ensures the optimal management of your group tours.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is the symbol and the most photographed monument of the Czech capital. It connects the two banks of the city's historic district. A gallery of baroque statues guides you while crossing the bridge.

Prague Castle

It is one of the most important and most visited monuments in the country. Discover the seat of political power since the 9th century, accompanied by its many palaces, churches and gardens. Enjoy the view of the city and visit the "Golden Lane".

Cesky Krumlov

One of the most beautiful historical cities in the country is located in South Bohemia, embedded in the meander of the Vltava. In this little gem, which is listed by UNESCO, we find influences from the Italian Renaissance and many medieval houses in particular.


This charming little town in Moravia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is well worth a visit. Discover the historical center with the main square Zachariaš of Hradec, which is lined with colorful houses.


Located in the Moravian Region, Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. Here you will find many galleries, museums and theaters. The fortress includes the city museum and a prison that can be visited.


The Czech capital, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also called "the city of 100 towers". As one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe, you will discover an architecture that oscillates between tradition and modernity. It is a capital full of magic, especially at Christmas time, steeped in Jewish history and an incomparable cultural and musical legacy.

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