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Bosnia-Herzegovina offers its visitors a diverse landscape made of mountains, gorges and waterfalls, isolated ranges of hills and fertile land in the South. Illyrians, Romans, Ottomans and Austrians left their traces in this region. The Unesco-listed city of Mostar ist the most important touristic town in the country, best known for its Ottoman houses and its old bridge Stari Most over the Neretva river. Sarajevo is a multicultural city full of history and an incredibly eclectic capital, known as the "Jerusalem of Europe".


Lake Kravica and its waterfalls near the small town of Studenci invite you to swim, go boating or just relax. They give the visitor a touch of the tropical lifestyle in the middle of Europe.


Near the village of Zavala, the Vjetrenica cave lies six kilometers below the Dinaric Alps. It consists of underground rivers, limestone galleries, sparkling lakes, and spectacular stalagmites and stalactites. In terms of biodiversity, Vjetrenica is one of the most exciting caves in the world. About 200 different species live in the almost constant conditions of the cave.


The Tvrdoš monastery is really worth visiting. It is picturesquely situated on a hill on the banks of the Trebisnjica River. The wall paintings are by the artist Vicko Lavrov from Dubrovnik. In addition to the wall paintings, honey and wine also attract numerous visitors. A visit to the Arslanagica Bridge from the 16th century is also highly recommended.


The "Tunnel of Hope" is located in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo. It was the only means of transport for the population during the siege of Sarajevo. The tunnel was dug in 1993 and was the only light in the darkness of the besieged Sarajevo in the 1990s.


Mostar is surrounded by two mountain ranges. It is a place where different cultures and religions meet. The most famous attraction is Stari Most, a stone arch bridge built in the 16th century that spans the Neretva River. During the Bosnian War in November 1993, it was destroyed by Croatian units; from 1995 it was lovingly rebuilt.

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