The land of superlatives

Russia is a land of superlatives, stretching from Eastern Europe to Northern Asia over 11 time zones. It became independent after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and features a huge range of landscapes, from deserts to deep forests over the Arctic tundra. Europe’s largest river, the Volga, flows through one third of Western Russia over 3700 km! Russia attracts many visitors due to its fascinating history, iconic museums, parks and monuments. St-Petersburg is the cultural capital city of the country, with its imposing and magnificent buildings such as the famous Hermitage museum, the Winter Palace or the Academy of Fine Arts museum. Moscow, the capital city, is home to the Kremlin – the seat of the government – and the famous Red Square.

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MS Rossia: Moscow - Kazan - Moscow

Discover less known parts and the green lungs of Russia while relaxing on your river cruise ship!

MS Rossia: Moscow – Astrakhan

Explore the traditional and rural parts as well as the modern and urban parts of Russia!

MS Rossia: Moscow – St. Petersburg

Follow the relaxing flow of the river while discovering the most well-known cities of Russia!

Riga – Tallinn – Helsinki – St. Petersburg

Latvia, Estonia, Finnland, Russia - hundreds of stunning sites to discover!

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St-Petersburg, former city of the Tsars, truly deserves its nickname of "Venice of the North": its many bridges and canals make it a city of outstanding beauty…


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